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Stuff I like: DIY foodies

Check out this really neat article from The Guardian on small – micro!- producers.  I love the fact that these people have got really, really geeky about their chosen foodstuff and are absolutely determined to produce it, come hell or … Continue reading

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the seasons in Serbia: part I

I’ve revised this a little and changed the title: We’ve been in Belgrade nearly two weeks now. We needed a few essentials like oil, pepper, soap etc and so we went looking for a big supermarket. There are minimarts on … Continue reading

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Leaving London: 10 things I’ll miss about food in Blighty

London is an amazing place, culinarily speaking. When I first arrived I thought I’d made a terrible mistake: I was shocked by the limp, wilting, week old peppers on display at the mini markets on every local high street, completely … Continue reading

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