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Champagne cream tea: an excuse for old school favourites

Recently my Grandma celebrated a significant birthday and so all the family and her many, many friends got together for a champagne cream tea to toast her health and long life. One of the nicest things about socialising with the … Continue reading

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The Milk Wars: do I stand by my principles or my purse?

Frankly I’m appalled at the bum deal Aussies get on their groceries. I’m astonished that there isn’t more public outcry and that government hasn’t intervened to introduce some real competition and break the stranglehold of the Coles-Woolworths oligopoly. Australians are … Continue reading

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Fried icecream! Alright!

One of the nice things about coming home is revisiting old favourites. I know there’s nothing particularly Aussie about fried icecream, you can get it in Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants in suburbs across the Western world (although I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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