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Stuff I like: goldfish cheesey crackers

We’re not exactly at the point of feeding a fussy toddler, in fact we’re only at week 24 in utero actually, so this is a little preemptive. But. How cool are these cheesey goldfish crackers from Smitten Kitchen?!     … Continue reading

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Fried icecream! Alright!

One of the nice things about coming home is revisiting old favourites. I know there’s nothing particularly Aussie about fried icecream, you can get it in Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants in suburbs across the Western world (although I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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How come I haven’t had an icypole since I was in primary school?

I am wilting in the Aussie summer heat. I don’t know if it’s the years in the northern hemisphere or the fact I’m not a kid anymore, but I just can’t cope. Perth’s searing 40 degree days are bad; Sydney’s … Continue reading

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Stuff I like: Scotch eggs are cool

According to UK cooking magazine Olive, Scotch eggs are going to make a comeback in 2011 as the hipster eating person’s snack of choice. I am so ahead of the trend here. My 30th birthday two years ago (ouch!) at … Continue reading

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The curious world of Turkish beverages

The Turks have a number of unusual and curious national drinks. There’s boza, a slightly alcoholic fermented millet drink; yes that certainly sounds just the thing to scull on a Saturday night out on the turps. There’s also salgam, turnip … Continue reading

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Cay: the Turkish national drink

Turkish coffee brings to mind such a headily evocative image: two mouthfuls of sweet caffeine and inch-thick sludge at the bottom of a tiny cup. But it’s cay, tea, that’s far and away Turkey’s national drink and no less poetically … Continue reading

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Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

But either way, they’ll end up in a kebap soon enough! Check out this photo from a kebap shop in Gaziantep, deep southern Turkey.

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