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A very merry Christmas

This Christmas was a year for new traditions chez Shared Table. Not in our home town, in a beautiful borrowed house, with some absent and some new family, this Christmas marked a transition in what we eat to celebrate the … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like: underground supper clubs

This is such a neat idea – underground restaurants run in your front room. Check out The English Can Cook.

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Stuff I Like: Progressive Dinner Party

Zoe at Progressive Dinner Party kindly let me contribute to her awesome blog and thus became the pusher of my gateway drug. Obvs I’m now a crack addict for blogging.  On ProgDin I wrote about avoiding tourist traps in London, … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like: new Elizabeth David

Previously I started the “Stuff I like” page to record interesting articles and favourite sites, but I don’t think that format’s working very well. So, I’ve decided to incorporate these bon mots and random references into the main body of … Continue reading

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The curious world of Turkish beverages

The Turks have a number of unusual and curious national drinks. There’s boza, a slightly alcoholic fermented millet drink; yes that certainly sounds just the thing to scull on a Saturday night out on the turps. There’s also salgam, turnip … Continue reading

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Cay: the Turkish national drink

Turkish coffee brings to mind such a headily evocative image: two mouthfuls of sweet caffeine and inch-thick sludge at the bottom of a tiny cup. But it’s cay, tea, that’s far and away Turkey’s national drink and no less poetically … Continue reading

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Soup for breakfast?

One of the interesting things about travelling is discovering the huge variation in breakfast cultures. To exaggerate just a bit, while dinner around the world tends to be some combination of savoury carbohydrates and proteins, breakfast is really culturally specific. … Continue reading

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