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A very merry Christmas

This Christmas was a year for new traditions chez Shared Table. Not in our home town, in a beautiful borrowed house, with some absent and some new family, this Christmas marked a transition in what we eat to celebrate the … Continue reading

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The curious world of Turkish beverages

The Turks have a number of unusual and curious national drinks. There’s boza, a slightly alcoholic fermented millet drink; yes that certainly sounds just the thing to scull on a Saturday night out on the turps. There’s also salgam, turnip … Continue reading

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Cay: the Turkish national drink

Turkish coffee brings to mind such a headily evocative image: two mouthfuls of sweet caffeine and inch-thick sludge at the bottom of a tiny cup. But it’s cay, tea, that’s far and away Turkey’s national drink and no less poetically … Continue reading

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Soup for breakfast?

One of the interesting things about travelling is discovering the huge variation in breakfast cultures. To exaggerate just a bit, while dinner around the world tends to be some combination of savoury carbohydrates and proteins, breakfast is really culturally specific. … Continue reading

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Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell

But either way, they’ll end up in a kebap soon enough! Check out this photo from a kebap shop in Gaziantep, deep southern Turkey.

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Chicken in a can

One of the funnest and most Huckleberry Finn days on our week long hike on the Lycian Way was the Turkish-style picnic at Pirate Bay with our guide Koray and his assistant Husseyin. We scrambled down the 45 degree cliff … Continue reading

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I’ve eaten more than my fair share of north London Turkish (Crystal Kebabs, I’m talking about you) but not really explored this huge country’s cuisine. Kalkan, on the western Mediterranean coast, is billed by Lonely Planet as an ‘epicurean centre’, … Continue reading

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