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The seasons in Serbia: part II

Coming into our building today the smell of roasting red peppers hit as soon as the elevator doors opened. Someone was making ajvar. Further to my first piece on the seasons in Serbia, I am amazed and delighted that making … Continue reading

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the seasons in Serbia: part I

I’ve revised this a little and changed the title: We’ve been in Belgrade nearly two weeks now. We needed a few essentials like oil, pepper, soap etc and so we went looking for a big supermarket. There are minimarts on … Continue reading

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The Swiss do it with forks

Mmmmmmm three kinds of melted cheese. A pot full of cheesey goodness. Fondue is so awesome, it’s amazing all those fondue sets given as gifts just sit at the back of everyone’s cupboards. Certainly ours did. Recently I was in … Continue reading

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Tapas: old school versus modern

Tapas is Spain’s major culinary contribution. So much so, that completely un-Spanish food is now served as small portions, like ‘tapas of sausages, mash and peas’. No. I made that up. But the phenomenon of whole menus where all the … Continue reading

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Serbs got balls

The Man’s countrymen have got big jaje (balls), but this is taking it a bit far. Check out this article from The Guardian about a testicle cooking competition. It’s in its seventh year! And there’s a cook book to go … Continue reading

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Elena’s gazpacho

The Man and I had the great good fortune to be befriended by two Sevillanos on the plane from London. Nacho and Elena were truly generous hosts, showing us their Seville and insisting on taking us to the locals’ favourite … Continue reading

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