Stuff I like

This page is for me, and you, dear reader, to post links to interesting articles, favourite blogs, news and stuff I like.

I have elsewhere described how I am a carb-addicted nerd. So here are a few sites about good proper bread making: Dan Lepard writes the baking column for The Guardian (whose chocolate custard muffins made me very very popular in the office come morning tea time). Also there’s the Real Bread Campaign. I don’t know if it’s affiliated with the Campaign for Real Ale, a similarly worthy group whose members are really into beards and trains. And ale obvs.

The Man has a crush on Thomasina Miers, so I shouldn’t be promoting her site, but her restaurant, Wahaca, is great except for the brutal queues out the door. See, I’m very open minded. But no, not into open marriages.

I just found Smitten Kitchen. I like this blog. I like Deb’s tone, her humour and her food. I want to make all the recipes she gives and have dinner at her house.

Have a look at this gorgeous blog Canelle et Vanille. It is run by a food stylist and photographer and it shows- it’s just the loveliest, most beautiful blog! It’s also great for people who are gluten intolerant as the author can’t eat gluten.

Last year my American friend threw a Thanksgiving dinner and introduced me to mashed sweet potato with marshmallow topping. It was so wrong and yet so good. Check out this Thanksgiving turkey cake. Selling point: ‘your whole meal in just one slice’.

Shout out to my best mate for this awesome site: A nice cup of tea and a sit down

Went to NYC in June and spent ages reading heated debated about which deli was more authentic. It didn’t matter to me, the HUGE pastrami sandwich at Katz was the bomb. This piece is from The Guardian on Jewish delis dying out.

Check out this slightly controversial article on Big Ag by Jay Rayner from The Observer. I’ve commented under my user name “devojka”.

This is such a neat idea – underground restaurants run in your front room. Check out The English Can Cook.

Love That Jess Ho’s style. Can relate to this piece on drunken/ post drunken eating.

Zoe at Progressive Dinner Party kindly let me contribute to her awesome blog and thus became the pusher of my gateway drug. Obvs I’m now a crack addict for blogging.  On ProgDin I wrote about avoiding tourist traps in London, about a beautiful birthday dinner at St John Clerkenwell, our amazing eating in New York rain soaked camp cooking and my train-filled adventures in Berlin. Thanks Zoe!

Note to The Man: I want the new collection of Elizabeth David’s recipes for Christmas. There’s a bit of an ED backlash, but I love her evocation of the Mediterranean and, even though she is a bit old fashioned now, I use a few of her recipes.

In my Leaving London piece I complain about how dire coffee is in the UK compared to Aus. Here’s an interactive map of London coffee houses and a good old Brit-Aus slanging match.


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