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Champagne cream tea: an excuse for old school favourites

Recently my Grandma celebrated a significant birthday and so all the family and her many, many friends got together for a champagne cream tea to toast her health and long life. One of the nicest things about socialising with the … Continue reading

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By the Sydney Opera House I sat down and wept

OK, a minor exaggeration there, but it was a close run thing. Pushed to extreme tetchiness by hunger, both The Man and I were getting close to tantrum territory on a recent trip in to the tourist centre of our … Continue reading

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Check out these bad boys: Sarajevo style cevapi. In particular, note the bread, fried on the cevapi hotplate mmmmmm – Cevapi are to the peoples of the Balkans what souvlaki is to the Greeks and kebaps to the Turks. In … Continue reading

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Leaving London: 10 things I’ll miss about food in Blighty

London is an amazing place, culinarily speaking. When I first arrived I thought I’d made a terrible mistake: I was shocked by the limp, wilting, week old peppers on display at the mini markets on every local high street, completely … Continue reading

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