A shared table is the culinary travel diary of Emily Crawford, an Australian who has been living in north London with her man for five and a bit years. Gap years not having been invented when they left school, Emily and The Man are spending 5 months from August 2010 travelling through Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East on an extended career break. A shared table documents Emily’s culinary and cultural adventures on her travels.

January 2011 update:

Emily and The Man have now returned to Australia with extra cargo – a baby on the way. This is wonderful news but did mean skipping edible adventures in the Middle East. However, it also means this blog can now be home to the rediscovery of Australia’s food culture and the exploration of her newly adopted home, Sydney.

Emily loves to cook and gets very grumpy when deprived of a kitchen (or even a camp stove) for too long. She gets enormous satisfaction from a well-stocked pantry and is working towards banana muffins as good as her mother’s. But perhaps most of all, Emily loves to bring people together around the table, creating a shared, convivial space to enjoy good food and good company.

Emily has never knowingly under-catered and she agrees with Nigella when she says that ‘the kitchen is a place to escape to, not from’.


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