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Keeping the home fires burning

When we left London back in August 2010 we were taking a well earnt career break. I hadn’t anticipated mine to last quite this long, but landing back in Aus with a bun in the oven isn’t entirely conducive to … Continue reading

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By the Sydney Opera House I sat down and wept

OK, a minor exaggeration there, but it was a close run thing. Pushed to extreme tetchiness by hunger, both The Man and I were getting close to tantrum territory on a recent trip in to the tourist centre of our … Continue reading

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How come I haven’t had an icypole since I was in primary school?

I am wilting in the Aussie summer heat. I don’t know if it’s the years in the northern hemisphere or the fact I’m not a kid anymore, but I just can’t cope. Perth’s searing 40 degree days are bad; Sydney’s … Continue reading

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Stuff I like: Smitten Kitchen’s vanilla pudding

This vanilla pudding from Smitten Kitchen is for my mum, who has contraband vanilla pods in her fridge, secretly smuggled out of Indonesia by a “friend”/ dealer. Deb at Smitten Kitchen says this is food for freezing New York January … Continue reading

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Back in the Land Down Under

As you may have worked out from my Christmas post and the photos showing we’re obvs not in a frontier town in Jordan, The Man and I are back in the Land Down Under. I’ve still got stacks of photos … Continue reading

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