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The Milk Wars: do I stand by my principles or my purse?

Frankly I’m appalled at the bum deal Aussies get on their groceries. I’m astonished that there isn’t more public outcry and that government hasn’t intervened to introduce some real competition and break the stranglehold of the Coles-Woolworths oligopoly. Australians are … Continue reading

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By the Sydney Opera House I sat down and wept

OK, a minor exaggeration there, but it was a close run thing. Pushed to extreme tetchiness by hunger, both The Man and I were getting close to tantrum territory on a recent trip in to the tourist centre of our … Continue reading

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Stuff I like: Tommi Mier’s Wahaca

The Man has a crush on Thomasina Miers, so I shouldn’t be promoting her site, but her restaurant, Wahaca, is great except for the brutal queues out the door. She is a former UK Masterchef winner and has parlayed that … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like: Progressive Dinner Party

Zoe at Progressive Dinner Party kindly let me contribute to her awesome blog and thus became the pusher of my gateway drug. Obvs I’m now a crack addict for blogging.  On ProgDin I wrote about avoiding tourist traps in London, … Continue reading

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I’ve eaten more than my fair share of north London Turkish (Crystal Kebabs, I’m talking about you) but not really explored this huge country’s cuisine. Kalkan, on the western Mediterranean coast, is billed by Lonely Planet as an ‘epicurean centre’, … Continue reading

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Greek tragedy

Well, after my initial enthusiasm, I’m afraid my love affair with Greek food seems to be more a holiday romance than a til-death-do-us-part kinda thing. At first the Greek salads had charm and I appreciated the gyros (doner kebab) because … Continue reading

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Austerity eating

A London friend has grumped about my current decadent lifestyle and told me to “Sod off with all that ‘we’re in Greece…enjoying’ business. I want austerity recipes highlighting how to eat well in a bankrupt country with zero credit ratings.” … Continue reading

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