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Kitchen gadgetry

In general, I don’t really get geeky for gadgets, but over the years I’ve collected various bits of specialised kitchen equipment that I now wouldn’t do without. Having just moved hemispheres and then across the breadth of the continent, I’m … Continue reading

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Show us ya pantry!

I am a deeply domesticated girl. Much to my mother’s amusement, at age 15 I was already collecting a bottom drawer full of treasures bought on my St Vinnies raids, ready for the day I moved out. An aside here … Continue reading

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Stuff I like: goldfish cheesey crackers

We’re not exactly at the point of feeding a fussy toddler, in fact we’re only at week 24 in utero actually, so this is a little preemptive. But. How cool are these cheesey goldfish crackers from Smitten Kitchen?!    

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