Show us ya pantry!

I am a deeply domesticated girl. Much to my mother’s amusement, at age 15 I was already collecting a bottom drawer full of treasures bought on my St Vinnies raids, ready for the day I moved out. An aside here – I had, at that point, never heard of a “hope chest” and wouldn’t have know how to pronounce trousseau, so I wasn’t worryingly precociously preparing for my marriage!

While travelling through Europe and Turkey was an amazing trip, I am definitely not a nomad. Nearly 4 months on the road, then staying with (very welcoming, happy to see us) family for 6 weeks and then living out of a backpack again for a month here in Sydney is hard on a person who likes her domesticity. That is, who likes her own kitchen, her own cookbooks, her own space.

But hurrah! We have been in our new Sydney pad for just over a month and are slowly taking it from anonymous modern apartment to home. I was so excited the day we moved and even more excited the next day when we did a Proper Big Shop to restock my pantry. I am indeed living la vida loca. The thought of replenishing my pantry with all the essential oils, condiments, sauces and pastes that I really can’t cook without made me quite giddy with joy. I’m really not exaggerating. Check out my lovely cupboards, baby!

Since I took these pics I have only increased my supply of must-have stores. Maybe I missed my calling as Quartermaster General?

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2 Responses to Show us ya pantry!

  1. Anzacdaygirl says:

    I do a good pantry too and nothing gives me greater pleasure than looking at well-stocked shelves. The thought that I would be able to feed a huge crowd of people, should the need arise, is very comforting.

    Part of a very good pantry are plastic boxes. They are essential for keeping out the weevils, but they also make good use of space, but really, the variety of shapes and sizes make a good pantry look really good.

    Where are yours? I recommend a browse in Howards Storage.

  2. Already found Howard’s Storage! I had a very happy hour choosing various cupboard containers and cutlery trays 🙂 And I’m recycling the Goulbourn Valley plastic fruit jars for lentils etc. They’re very handy.

    A well stocked pantry is indeed a comfort. As I’ve got time on my hands at the minute, I’m thinking chutney – it’s outrageously expensive considering how cheap the ingredients are!

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