Champagne cream tea: an excuse for old school favourites

Recently my Grandma celebrated a significant birthday and so all the family and her many, many friends got together for a champagne cream tea to toast her health and long life. One of the nicest things about socialising with the older generation is the food. They really know how to do a proper afternoon tea!

For morning prep, my sister and I were assigned asparagus roll duty. The party was held near Wellington (Shared Table is of Kiwi extraction) and in New Zealand it is against the law to hold any kind of eating occasion without asparagus rolls. Controversially though, we didn’t press the bread with a rolling pin as Grandma felt that makes it too doughy; we did of course cut the crusts offand butter all the way to the edges; some things are sacred.

Another feature of the older generation is their generous habit of always bringing a plate and various friends and relatives had brought contributions. One friend brought plate of simple buttered ham sandwiches, which deserve to be returned to the afternoon tea trolley. Another brought the most delicious salmon quiche and there were powder puff light meringues and pastry horns filled with creamed mushroom. My Aunty Jocelyn took Louise Cake to a whole new level by adding cherries and a layer of caramel. Playing the pregnant-sympathy card, I got the last piece 🙂

So, check out these works of afternoon tea art and get baking!

Neenish tarts. Look up Woman's Weekly if your Gran doesn't have the recipe

Grandma's strawberry & lemon tarts. So pretty!

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4 Responses to Champagne cream tea: an excuse for old school favourites

  1. NZ Grandma says:

    Lovely to hear a granddaughter’s account of my ‘Champagne Cream Tea’ – yes some times old recipes come up trumps! (PS: the original Neenish Tart recipe can be found in the NZ Edmonds Cook-book.)

  2. helcat says:

    I would love the Louise cake with a diff recipe. Afternoon tea is the way to go. I have to say I think the New Zealand recipes have a lot to offer. Having just been in Canada and had lovely Canadian cookies and slices, I think there is a lack of golden syrup, and just the right amount of sweetness. Afghans are another favourite of mine. Everyone knows that who knows me as I serve them up ad infinitum. They have to a mouthful though. The huge, hard boring ones you get in Perth at cafes don’t rate. They also come from the dear old Edmonds Cook book.

  3. That’s true Helen – the ones in the shops are always boring. Yours are mouthfuls of yumminess!

  4. miga says:

    those neenish tarts are a delight sent from the heavens – sweet and tart custard, two colours of icing, in a pastry shell – what more can one ask of life?

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