How come I haven’t had an icypole since I was in primary school?

I am wilting in the Aussie summer heat. I don’t know if it’s the years in the northern hemisphere or the fact I’m not a kid anymore, but I just can’t cope. Perth’s searing 40 degree days are bad; Sydney’s hot, sticky mugginess is almost worse. Really can’t decide. Really can’t do anything actually. Except eat icypoles (ice lollies for the Brits reading this).

Man! Why haven’t I had an icypole since primary school? They are the bomb! Way better than ice cream because when it’s so hot you hide from the sun like it’s nuclear fallout, you don’t want creamy sweetness. You just want crisp frozen “raspberry” flavoured sugar water.

The only exception to icypoles beating ice cream is the Splice – ice cream coated in icypole. Perfect!

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4 Responses to How come I haven’t had an icypole since I was in primary school?

  1. Twilson says:

    Don’t forget to buy some icy pole moulds and always have your own in the freezer. I love frozen orange juice.

  2. Anzacdaygirl says:

    I have two sets of icy pole moulds – the ones that catch the melted juice and have a straw to drink it from. I nearly suggested that they went East with you, but thought that might be one thing too many. When I was a child we had nothing so fancy. Cordial – usually orange – was frozen in metal ice-cube trays with a half a popsicle stick stuck into it. The melted cordial ran down our hands.

  3. Good idea! I’ll buy some with the change from the birthday voucher 🙂 Lime cordial icy poles!!!

  4. Launched in the 1950s the Pine Lime Splice was marketed as the taste of summer with a centre of vanilla ice-cream encased in a thin shell of fruity ice that will delight your senses and take you away on a tropical escape . The toffee-flavoured ice-cream simply harks back to a more innocent age when gay meant happy. The ice-cream was endorsed by Norman Gunston in 1977 but its status as a gay icon was cemented last year when Stephen Fry tweeted about eating one.

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