Back in the Land Down Under

As you may have worked out from my Christmas post and the photos showing we’re obvs not in a frontier town in Jordan, The Man and I are back in the Land Down Under. I’ve still got stacks of photos and amazing eating experiences to talk about so I’ll come back to our travel adventures vv soon.

One of the best things about being back home is the food (and the coffee – I dragged both my Mum and M-i-law down to the cafe bright and early for two strong, proper Aussie flat whites first day back). After five and a half years away, it’s so clear that there’s an identifiably Australian approach, ethic and aesthetic to food. An English friend on hols in Sydney earlier this year came back impressed with the fresh, unusual and always interesting food she ate. It wasn’t just, as she said ‘the usual one red meat, one white plus tuna steak’.

Food here’s also of a very high quality. The UK has its own dynamic and valuable food culture. However, I would say that it’s unusual to get a bad coffee or dud meal here in Aus; unfortunately, in London it’s noticeable when you get a good coffee or walk into a cafe without a recommendation and get plate of great food.

I think the Australian approach to food is most clearly seen in the cafe culture and, in particular, breakfasts. I can list barely a handful of places in London that were local to me where it’s worth going out for breakfast; the mighty Ottolenghi is one. Speaking for the cities I know, Perth, Melbourne and Sydney are all spoilt for amazing breakfast choices.

So, in honour of the Aussie cafe, here are some pics from breakfast at bills in Darlinghurst (note the deliberate use of lower case and lack of apostrophe).

bills famous corn fritters with avocado salsa

ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter

bills scrambled eggs with bacon

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3 Responses to Back in the Land Down Under

  1. miga says:

    perhaps he left the apostrophe and capitals out intentionally; to signify the many bills you’ll have to fork out for a couple of eggs, a coffee and the promise of a breezy australian lifestyle.

  2. Fitzroyalty says:

    I have Ottolenghi on my list for my next visit to London… have been making his amazing cauliflower recipe a lot recently!

  3. ooooh! that looks good. I haven’t made that, but I have both his books and they’re already covered in oil spots and lemon juice drips from frequent use.

    I was lucky to live about 20 mins from Ottolenghi so it was a bit of a weekend treat – but be warned about out-the-door queues. Worth it though!

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