Chicken in a can

One of the funnest and most Huckleberry Finn days on our week long hike on the Lycian Way was the Turkish-style picnic at Pirate Bay with our guide Koray and his assistant Husseyin.

We scrambled down the 45 degree cliff face for nearly an hour to get to the bay, a narrow shelf of pale grey pebbles leading to the turquoise Med, watched over by 2000 year old Lycian ruins.

Pirate Bay, with bbqers

Koray told us it’s a very Turkish Saturday tradition to pack up the family, the barbecue, enough food for an army, the all-important kettle for tea, sweets, blankets and anything else ‘essential’ and set up for a day of picnicking. Although he did also say that most Turkish families go where there’s car access, rather than lugging everything down on their backs, including the newly bought kettle clanking away. Lucky me got off free on this – the boys did all the carrying!

Koray swore by his method of cooking chicken in a can, which is basically: build a fire; when hot, skewer a whole chicken on a handy stick; prop the chicken up in the fire and cover with an empty large tin; pack the fire around the tin and cook for 45 mins. I was deeply dubious and thought partially cooked chicken + an hour long hike back up the cliff = disaster.

Boy I was wrong. Koray’s chicken in a can was cooked perfectly! And it was absolutely delicious with a charred barbecue taste it’s really hard to get in Aus, because we’re not often allowed to light actual camp fires.

Check these pics of our fantastic Turkish picnic spread with chicken in the can.

Chicken, cooking in its can

Chicken, skewered on a stick & cooked in a can


Look at that gorgeous roast chicken!

The all important tea kettle.

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5 Responses to Chicken in a can

  1. togram says:

    Awesome! This reminds me of the classic campfire cooking we always did with Dad at the block down south. I will have to send to Ray and recommend that he try this one out!
    We don’t have any cans, but we do have a collection of skewers and grills, mostly made out of fencing wire, and results are usually a bit mixed. My favourite being the time that we charred our potatoes in alfoil to a crisp after Ben Bassett advised that the base of the fire was coolest, because “hot air rises”. Yeah, not so much.

  2. helcat says:

    This reminds me of Girl Guide days. We used to cook bananas, slit down the middle longways and we put in rolo chocolates which had toffee in the middle. They were also slit down the middle. They melted in the embers and then you ate chocolate melted through the banana. It was actually really delicious. (If you like bananas and if you like rolos)

  3. Twilson says:

    I absolutely love the look of the chicken and also want to do the walk. ‘The Lycian Way’ … sounds so romantic.

  4. Ahahaha! I have been there for a few of Ray’s campfire grill-fests… Ann always had cheese sandwiches on hand as backup 😉
    We also tried grilling sausages over the live flames that erupt straight from the rocks at the Chimaera on Mt Olympus (check it out on Wikipedia). Marshmallows would probs have worked better.

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