Pomegranate juice

Look at this! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s fresh pomegranate juice, at a cafe on the harbour in Kas, Turkey.

It was squeezed fresh for us as we waited and, unlike those poncy, super expensive bottles at Marks & Spencers, it actually tasted of pomegranate and still has all its vitamins. It’s magic stuff!

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3 Responses to Pomegranate juice

  1. Boba says:

    Hi Emica, I can easy share your love for pomegranate juice- excellent thing, particularly as you described it- freshly made. And what a colour! I remember good old days in Montenegro- it was boys and mine favourite drink (although in a syrup form) . Recepy was different though (not 100% healthy like yours): the seeds were mixed with white sugar and kept covered in a big dish for several days- on the sun the first few days and in the shade after. Mass was occasionally mixed by spoon, covered again and at the end after a small fermentation, filtered / squizzed through the cloth, and tick bright red juice poured in bottles. It could stay as such syrup for whole year without preservative.

    • Yum Boba! that sounds like pomegranate cordial. So that even after summer, you can have pomegranate juice drinks with ice and fizzy water. Very nice. I’ll see if they have it here.

  2. Anzacdaygirl says:

    It sure does sound yum – with ice and sparkling wine? This is the drink that Boba and I had as an aperitif before our mothers’ day lunch this year. Unfortunately it was store-bought pomegranate juice because I couldn’t get anything else. I found the “recipe” for this drink, in a delicious mag.

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