Greece has been a revelation. We’ve been here only a week, but already I feel like I’ve had the full Shirley Valentine sunshiney, souvlaki experience (minus the kafeneon owner love interest of course).

I especially love the Greek salads here. They’re completely different to what I’ve known elsewhere. Here they lay a slab of oregano sprinkled feta on roughly chopped tomato and cucumber and half an inch of wafer thin onion and then pour olive oil- no “drizzling”- over the whole lot.

perfect zucchini fritters

orange cake and baklava with greek coffee


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3 Responses to Greece

  1. Boba says:

    Hi Emice, I am very pleased you enjoy Greece (being otkrovenje=revelation)…is it possible to investigate how your neighbours actually make musacca and wine (or other) leafs sarma (I feel I am doing something wrong in making both) cmok

  2. Hi Boba! I had an amazing moussaka last week. I think the key is cinnamon, which gives it an unusual middle eastern sort of flavour. I haven’t tried stuffed vine leaves yet – good ones are home made and expensive at a restaurant! I definitely want to try them before we leave Greece & i’ll report back. xx

  3. Boba says:

    Aha, cinnamon…I would never think but actually sounds jammy, plus healthy…thanks

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