Real men eat cake

Special thanks to Allison for the gorgeous photos of cake.

I don’t think I’ve had an icecream sundae since my 7th birthday. There’s a picture of me and a knickerbocker glory that’s so tall I’m standing on a chair to sip from the straw. I was well pleased. And I can’t remember the last time I ate proper cake, with whipped cream and fruit and layers. Maybe it’s the Austro-Hungarian legacy of kaffee und kuchen combined with the Ottoman love of sitting around eating sweetmeats, but Serbia loves its sweet treats. Loves them with cream and a cherry on top.

It’s not just some genteel High Tea with elderly ladies and gents sitting down to scones and silver service either. Groups of proper hard men, fellas who look like they did something dodgy in the war to afford that flashy new Mercedes, sit around cafes all tucking in to lurid ice cream sundaes with nuts and chocolate sauce and pink straws jauntily sticking out the top of the fancy glass, no one questioning their masculinity.

Even coffee is prettified into creamy confections in tall glasses with straws (!), no longer a rocket fuel. Check out this pic of my hot chocolate. I swear, it was solid! My spoon could stand up in it. It was basically warm ganache –

Mmmm... warm ganache in a glass

While the fashion for creamy tortas and sundaes seems to have waned in the English speaking world, here in Belgrade they’re still going strong. Are they due a comeback, like the designer doughnut? I say yes!

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