Check out these bad boys: Sarajevo style cevapi.

In particular, note the bread, fried on the cevapi hotplate mmmmmm –

Cevapi are to the peoples of the Balkans what souvlaki is to the Greeks and kebaps to the Turks. In fact they’re all pretty much variations on the theme of grilled meat, in bread, with onions. Other accompaniments vary by nationality.

These little nuggests of beefy, lamby goodness can be eaten in a restaurant, but are most usually a fast food and ordered by number, eg 10.

Sarajevski cevapi - order by number

I’m not sure why, but popular opinion is that Bosnia has always had the best cevapi. Seeing as we didn’t make it Sarajevo in the end, I had to make do with Sarajevski cevapi three days running.

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