Kaymak is so dangerous to health it should almost be illegal. A Balkan  delicacy, kaymak’s made by skimming the cream off warmed milk, salting it and layering it, day by day in a barrel where it’s stored for a number of days or weeks. Essentially, it’s a salted clotted cream. Young, it’s mild and sweet, but as it ages it gets that ripe footy-socks-the-day-after-grand-final taste. I don’t know precisely what those footy socks would taste like, but weeks old kaymak comes close in my imagination.

Here’s a pic of The Man’s aunty making some at home, heating the milk on the stove –

Unlike clotted cream, kaymak is used as a savoury spread and an ice cream scoop of it is an optional extra on top of a serve of cevapi (skinless spiced sausages) or as the filling rolled in schnitzel with ham.

Here’s a pic of a standard lunch spread, with kaymak in the terracotta pots along with feta-type cheese and bread. This isn’t my photo, it’s borrowed from

Balkan lunch spread with kajmak

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One Response to Kajmak

  1. Anita says:

    You and your comments and comparisons… I grow up on Kajmak (Skorup) and never had any health issues. It’s not reacher then butter, what are you talking about??? You don’t eat tons of it! It’s not dangerous, it’s very healthy stuff! All that propaganda about fats… fats are ESSENTIAL! You will soon learn about benefits of animal fats as soon as propaganda changes direction.

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