The Swiss do it with forks

Mmmmmmm three kinds of melted cheese. A pot full of cheesey goodness. Fondue is so awesome, it’s amazing all those fondue sets given as gifts just sit at the back of everyone’s cupboards. Certainly ours did.

Recently I was in Switzerland visiting our adorably smiley nephew (can you tell I’m a very proud aunty?!) and, out at a local restaurant, discovered a whole new world of fondue. Just as good, but minus the cheese.

Instead of a potful of bubbling raclette, there is a pot of light stock over the flame and each person is given a platter -yes a platter, not a plate- of wafer thin beef. Alongside, you are given a plate with little compartments, like the old fashioned TV dinners, which hold four or five flavoured mayonnaises. You twirl the beef around your fork, pop it in the stock for a minute or two to cook and then pull it out, dip it in one of the mayonnaises. Y.U.M.

I guess it’s a pretty similar concept to the Chinese or Vietnamese steamboat concept, but as I’ve never had that, I’m not entirely sure.

It’s all the fun of fondue, but without the risk of heart attack or the need to justify it with a day’s hard skiing!

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One Response to The Swiss do it with forks

  1. Katie says:

    uhhh fondue. I’ve only had it once but I can never eat it again. I never thought there was something as ‘too much cheese’, but I managed to find out that there is. This seems like a good alternative shall I ever visit Switzerland again. Hopefully there is no such thing as ‘too much mayo’.

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